Fiesta Cancun Dinner

Hey 3 West, just wanted everyone to know that a few of us from the wing headed over to Fiesta Cancun for a very enjoyable dinner the other night.  It was a great time and a couple of us even got together and played some Rocket League afterwards.

Cookout and Football

Good Morning 3 West, I just wanted to let everyone know that if any of you every want to do cookout, we should plan something.  A few of the guys had a cookout on Sunday, and I joined them and threw the football around with them.  It was a real fun time!

Haus Supper

Happy Thursday Everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that I joined some of you at the Haus the other night, and it was really fun getting to know a couple of you a little better.  I really enjoy sharing stories with you guys, so come on over and talk with me whenever you get the chance.  Have a fantastic Fall Break!

Wing Supper!

Good Morning 3 West!  Two days ago quite a few guys from the wing and I went to Bridgeway for supper, and I really enjoyed getting to know you guys just a little bit better.  I had a real good time and had some great conversations with a few of you.  This is an easy and fun way to get to know each other, and we should do this more often!