Intramural Basketball

Hey 3 West!  Just wanted to let you all know that 3 West is part of a joint Intramural team!  Skyler, Bobby, Nathan, and Cody are all on an intramural team with some guys from 1 West.  This is a fun time, and I don’t mean to brag but they get to be coached by the best coach second to only Bo Ryan.  That would be yours truly, Samuel E. Hovde.  This team is a great fun way to stay active, so stay tuned because there has been some interest in a wing football team later this spring!


Hi again 3 West, a couple guys and I played some basketball at the PAC the other day.  Sports is something I really enjoy doing as a stress reliever, so if any of you are interested in doing any sports let me know, and we can get something planned.  Plus, sports are great way to stay healthy!

NBA Season Starts along with 3 West

I went around the building today, and corralled a bunch kids and we went and played some three on three basketball down on the Memorial Park courts.  Today was probably the last nice day before winter comes and I didn’t want it to pass me by without getting outside.  Playing basketball  was a great way to get out there, and it was great being able to get some exercise in.


Hey 3 West!  Just wanted to let you guys know Thursday and Friday I played some basketball with some of the guys on the wing, and it was awesome!  It is a fun way to get a really good cardio workout in.  Just for the record I did win the first game of 21 on Friday!  Have an awesome weekend guys!