Making a “date” less awkard?

Big thanks to my man Jeff, for joining Mark and I to dinner on Thursday. While I like Mark and all, I didn’t feel like making our dinner into a dinner date. Some may call it third wheeling, I call it making things less awkward.


Music Trivia

While I know Jeff is the master of classic rock music trivia, he gave me a good run for my money when we played the guessing game of trying to figure out what the name of the song is and who the artist is (we need an official name) on Friday Night. It was a fun time, and I realize I like The Eagles a lot more than I expected.


Shoutout to everyone who came down for some taters on tuesday, I wish I could’ve been there longer. I saw Charles,had a quick little chat, it’s a shame I had to go leave to work desk. I can’t imagine he was the only one who showed up. To those who I didn’t see, I hope you enjoyed your free food 🙂

Taco Tues…Wednesday!

It might not rhyme, but it was fun still. I hope everyone enjoyed the free tacos (they’re free, how can you not). I had fun, despite being dead tired from shoveling compost, but them fancy schmancy tacos brought me right back up to full operation. Hope it gave everyone else (whether it is RAs, Vets, my residents, someone else’s residents) energy to do their things too!