Save the environment mannn….(Tommy Chong voice)

Monday the 16th was the beginning of morrow hall work week, and the first thing we did was clean up Main Street after the parade. Shoutout to Sean for taking time to join us and procrastinate doing homework to save the environment!


It’s a Party!

It’s a party in the USA and a party at the CFA! Shoutout to all the people that participated and the people that showed up to support us all. I hope you all enjoyed seeing your RA make a fool of himself, it actually wasn’t horrible. 

Yell like Hell

What’s better than supporting your school?! Screaming about it! Did you know scream your lungs out can reduce stress? Also going to a soccer game is a great way to forget about all that schoolwork and relax. Shoutout to all the 3 west residents that went to yell like hell and all the other morrow people too!

United We Stand

Huge shoutout to Tyler for going to the United We Stand lecture with the rest of the Morrow Hall group! I hope you learned a lot about farming and how life doesn’t always go the way you expect it. This was my favorite United We Stand yet, I’m excited for what next semester will bring. 

Kalahari Trip

It was a very limited supply of people who were able to go to the kalahri, but I saw a lot of Morrow faces there! I hope for all that attended you got a great workout walking up all those stairs to go on some awesome slides, my favorite was the one with the drop tube. 

Cardboard Fort

Most college students would not be up and alive on a Saturday morning willing to do anything, but we certainly were. After move in weekend, a lot of people threw out there cardboard and it was a huge waste, so naturally, the idea came to make a giant fort in the ground floor lounge. And it was epic. Huge shoutout to everyone who helped, or just checked it out before we had to take it down. We recycled all of the cardboard afterward because we need to save the environment! If you didn’t know, 60% of waste is due to packaging. All of the cardboard used in this fort was originally heading for the landfill. It is now properly recycled.