March Madness Brackets

Hello Everyone, as you all know I emailed you with the information, but we are have a March Madness Tournament Challenge on our wing!  The winner of challenge will receive a FREE Pizza, so make sure you sign up to play!  Brackets are released on March 12th, so make sure you fill out your bracket before the tournaments starts on March 14th!

March Madness Door Decs

Good Morning 3 West!  I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Thursday morning as much as me!  As I am sure all of you have noticed there is something new on your door.  Yes, this would be your official March Madness door decoration!  This will go along in conjunction with the tournament challenge, more information to come!

Bicycle Infrastructure in the Netherlands

Hey 3 West, I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know that a couple guys from the wing and I went to the Sabattical Seminar Series on Bicycle Infrastructure in the Netherlands presented by my professor Dr. Kristina Fields.  The presentation was very interesting, and raised a lot of questions about maybe the United States making more bicycle friendly infrastructure.  If anyone has a presentation they want to go to let me know, I love to learn new things!