How to not burn out

Check out the new bulletin board all about taking care of yourself. Everyone is focused on physical health, your mental health is important too! Both yours and others, keep it in mind, it’ll help you more than you think.


Midterms ahhhh!

3 west got a very informative bulletin board all about test taking advice and strategies. This isn’t just your regular “run of the mill” test advice. This goes in depth about all types of tests (except physical activity tests). Get informed, check it out.

Music Trivia

While I know Jeff is the master of classic rock music trivia, he gave me a good run for my money when we played the guessing game of trying to figure out what the name of the song is and who the artist is (we need an official name) on Friday Night. It was a fun time, and I realize I like The Eagles a lot more than I expected.


Shoutout to everyone who came down for some taters on tuesday, I wish I could’ve been there longer. I saw Charles,had a quick little chat, it’s a shame I had to go leave to work desk. I can’t imagine he was the only one who showed up. To those who I didn’t see, I hope you enjoyed your free food 🙂

Saturday Cinema

Huge shoutout goes to my man Jeff, for joining me in watching the Saturday cinema showing of “the Tuskegee airmen”

Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did. That film tells a story that at the time many people chose to ignore and slowly became lost in time. The Tuskegee Airmen was a airforce battalion stationed in Tuskegee, comprised of all black pilots. During this time period(WWII) racism was still very alive and many white people decided to ignore and insult the bravery demonstrated by these men. They never failed to protect a single bomber throughout the war, and yet they were rarely recognized for it.

Alcohol facts

New Years is over but that doesn’t mean alcohol will be gone too. Check out the sweet new bulletin board to learn all about the fun and not so fun effects of alcohol (such as bad sex, and nobody wants that). Stay safe pioneers