To the Men of 3 West Morrow Hall (M.3.W.),

As our year together comes to an end I cannot help but look back and reminisce about all the great things we did together. We played frisbee, we got dirty during homecoming, we had a giant nerf gun war in the basement, but most importantly, we became a community. We went from being a group of random strangers from all over the world to being neighbors and friends. However, more importantly we grew, myself included. Before entering this position I had no idea everything that happened around this campus but now I see how great UWP really it. Because of you all, my residents, UWP has become my home. If only you all knew the impact you had my life, it has been extraordinary.

With that, it is my time to tell you all Good Bye. The year has come to an end and for many of you all it is time to spread your wings and fly, even if it is just for the summer. For those that are returning, I cannot wait to see you around campus next year and I hope to greet each of you with a smile. For those that are graduating or have chosen not to return to this University, I wish you the best as you continue on with your lives. I know you will do great things because each of you is great. Your time here has been short relative to everything that you have coming to you, but these will be memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Those random late nights, those crazy Taco Bell runs, the time Chad Jones said something amazing, and even those times that you and your roommate were just playing video games. These will be the memories that you will look back on and smile about. I hope you made the most of it because these are some of the best years of your life. Value your friends, your family, and your memories because it is those three things that make you you.

Our time here is over men of three west. Thank you once again for being such a great wing and may you all have amazing lives.

With Love,

Lukas Wymer



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