Ultimate Frisbee Recap!

Hey Folks, in case you missed it we had an AWESOME game of Frisbee on Saturday afternoon. Shortly after the Badger Game finished eleven of us made the journey down to the Rugby fields for an exciting hour and fifteen minute game! We changed up the teams throughout it all, had plenty of dropped passes, but overall we had a ton of fun together! A special shout out should be given to Science for being the Defensive Monster of the game!

Although the winds were high and temperatures low the energy was still strong. The event started off with just throwing the disc around to warm up and to get use to throwing into the wind. Shortly after we did a quick game of nose goes to see who would be the captains of each team. After dividing into two teams it was game on. Each side was pretty evenly well matched and even though we got a little physical there was fun to be had all around. Of course no day of Frisbee would be complete without a run up suicide hill to finish it off.

If this sounds fun to you and you feel bad that you missed it DONT! We will be having more fun activities this next week with Homecoming! GO UWP!


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