I scream!You scream! there’s a noise complaint. Stop yelling.

I was happy to see a bunch of 3 West faces down at the hall council ice cream social! Take opportunity to detox from school a little. Enjoy socializing and getting free ice cream! Ice cream is actually a stress reliever, so I hope everyone took that opportunity to improve some of their mental health!


Winter is coming….

Don’t you just hate it when you realize that all your possessions after a long lonely night is just covered in white stuff? Heck yeah you do, snow irritates all of us sometimes, despite how awesome it can be. Along with snow, comes people who can’t drive in it. If you weren’t born and raised in Wisconsin or Minnesota or Michigan you might need a little help (I’m looking at you Illinois). So come check out a how to bulletin board on driving in the snow!

Taco Tues…Wednesday!

It might not rhyme, but it was fun still. I hope everyone enjoyed the free tacos (they’re free, how can you not). I had fun, despite being dead tired from shoveling compost, but them fancy schmancy tacos brought me right back up to full operation. Hope it gave everyone else (whether it is RAs, Vets, my residents, someone else’s residents) energy to do their things too! 

Yell like Hell

What’s better than supporting your school?! Screaming about it! Did you know scream your lungs out can reduce stress? Also going to a soccer game is a great way to forget about all that schoolwork and relax. Shoutout to all the 3 west residents that went to yell like hell and all the other morrow people too!

United We Stand

Huge shoutout to Tyler for going to the United We Stand lecture with the rest of the Morrow Hall group! I hope you learned a lot about farming and how life doesn’t always go the way you expect it. This was my favorite United We Stand yet, I’m excited for what next semester will bring.